Jersey velours côtelé Avalana moutarde

6,24 €
Demande d'information
In large width, very trendy, this Oekotex velvet will allow you to make skirts, jackets, winter shorts, coats ... It is a velvet jersey, not a velvet with weft and warp. It can be worked in both directions. It is not recommended too much for adult trousers (unlike more classic cord) because with the weight it can become deformed. Very good for a skirt, shorts ... In a fall you can also make a headband for the hair, no need for elastic!
We recommend to use Vlieseline T15 before sewing, this prevents this jersey from rolling up on itself. (And it works very well !)

80% cotton
20% polyester
250grs / m²
Couleur tirant sur le vieil or.